New Information on Benoit Murders

New information into the Chris Benoit murder-suicide - a lawyer for World Wrestling Entertainment said pro wrestler Chris Benoit argued with his wife over the care of their mentally retarded son in the days before the family was found dead.

Attorney Jerry McDevitt said the issue of caring for the seven-year-old child was a source of “stress and consternation” in the couple’s relationship, though it wasn’t the only problem in the marriage.

Nancy Benoit filed for divorce in 2003, but later dropped the complaint.

Police said Benoit strangled his wife and killed his son before hanging himself over the weekend. The bodies were discovered on June 25, 2007.

A doctor and longtime friend of Benoit said he’s surprised and shocked at what happened. He said the wrestler “worshiped his child” and showed no signs of distress or rage in the days before the killings.