The Art of Iridology!

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You’ve heard of having your palm read, but what about your eyes? Iridology is a method of studying irises to determine a person’s health.

The science has been around since the 1800s and it’s slowly catching on, despite many skeptics.

“They can tell you where you have problems and some of the problems you already know about so you know they’re hitting the nail on the head,” patient, Melinda Trusty explained.

Trusty has been seeing an iridologist for a few years now.

“I was having some blood pressure trouble and migraine headaches,” Trusty said.

“What’s going on in the body actually shows up in the iris,” iridologist, Randell Carter explained.

All Carter has to do is take a picture of your eyes and analyze the information.

“I do notice some toxicity in the liver, but it is better than it was,” Carter pointed out.

He said the iris is connected to every organ and tissue in your body through the nervous system.

“It’s amazing that they can tell what’s going on in your body by looking at your irises,” Trusty said.

“You have a rapid heart beat which means at some point it could develop into arrhythmia,” Carter pointed out from a scan.

Iridologists can also see potential problems in your body before the symptoms even start.

“Your adrenal is somewhat under active, let me check the left one,” Carter insisted.

“Randell found several weaknesses by looking at my irises. One of the problems I found most interesting was a weakness in my right knee because I actually had knee surgery a few years ago,” Trusty explained.

“Your brown eyes should be darker than they actually are,” Carter told me when I went to see him. That’s because my ph is low.

It may seem like Randell is seeing a lot of problems, but most of them aren’t anything to worry about - like Melinda’s: “Mine wasn’t real major,” Trusty explained.

And at 50-years-old she said that’s all you can hope for.

Carter said although he did go to school to become an iridologist, he’s not a doctor so if he sees a major problem he will send you to your physician.

Otherwise Carter said about a week after your appointment he’ll give you the analysis and an herbal supplement plan.

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