Pre-Paying at the Pump

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It's that time again, the Fourth of July holiday weekend begins tonight and you're probably expecting gas prices to soar.

A local gas station tells us they don't know yet how high they'll get, but as gas prices rise people are getting upset because once they spend a certain amount - the pump stops.

"Most customers did know these caps exist," said Dona Davenport, Shell store manager.

Davenport has been working at this Bowling Green Shell for 12 years. She said preset spending limits at gas pumps has always existed.

"They never used that much until the gas got to a high price," Davenport explained.

People who drive SUVs. RVs, large trucks, semis and vehicles that use diesel fuel are effected.

Depending on each credit card company, if you spend more than a certain amount at the pump it will automatically stop.

Davenport said it's to protect the gas station and you.

"At the pump you do not see who has the credit card and it could be a stolen I.D.," Davenport explained.

If you reach your credit card's preset limit while filling up you have two options.

You can either do another transaction at the pump or pre-pay inside.

"If you come inside the store and bring us the card, we will turn the pump on and there is no stopping," Davenport said.

She explained that some of their regulars are used to the cap and always pre-pay inside, but she has to explain the policy to many frustrated customers daily.

"The one's that don't come in all the time, they get very highly upset," Davenport said.

She also said not all gas station's use the cap.

Each credit card company establishes a preset limit and it's up to the gas company to use it.

Mastercard limits each pay at the pump transaction to $75. Visa and Discover's limit is $50.