BG Police Ready to Kick Start Harley Program

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With the help of a local businessman and two weeks of intensive training, the Bowling Green Police Department unveiled the renewal of its motorcycle officers program on Friday.

Eight officers will use four bikes for escort duty and special events, but the new unit's main focus will be traffic. All of the officers have been or will be required to go through an intensive two-week training program administered by Harley Davidson.

"We'll use them for traffic enforcement back in the neighborhood where it's often difficult to get a big cruiser maneuvered into position where you can take off after the violator. Motorcycles are much more maneuverable, much easier to handle in the tight spaces," said Sgt. Jim Hyde, the unit's new commander.

Local car dealership magnate Cornelius Martin owns the Bowling Green Harley Davidson dealership, and is renting the bikes to the city for $1 a year. Martin said he hopes the new program will raise the visibility of motorcycles in the area, and add another tool to the Police Department's arsenal.