Man Behind Bars After Allegedly Beating His Mother

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An Oakland man is behind bars after some say he tried to kill his own mother with his bare hands.

46-year-old Jonathan Berard is in jail after allegedly attacking the 74-year-old woman Sunday afternoon in Smiths Grove.

We're told 74-year-old Norma Brantley was in critical but stable condition Monday night at Vanderbilt Medical Center after her son, Jonathan Berard, physically beat her as they sat inside a car.

But without the help from a couple of neighbors and some passing by, things could have been much worse.

"It all took place between that sign and that driveway," said Jeremy Rollenhagen, as he pointed to the scene of the incident.

Rollenhagen says he's never experienced anything like what he did near his Smiths Grove home Sunday afternoon.

"I looked in through the driver's side window, and this dude had his fingers in her eyeballs and her mouth-- her face was just tore up," he said.

Rollenhagen says he found 46-year-old Jonathan Berard beating his own mother, Norma Brantley, as the two sat in their car in the middle of Highway 101.

"I looked at the woman and seen the blood and how he had her fish-hooked her and I just thought of the quickest way to get this man off her and get medical help for the woman," said Reggie Hadley, also a resident in Smiths Grove.

Hadley also came to Brantley's aid.

Hadley says after they got Berard away from the woman, he turned on them.

"We tangled up and he (Jeremy) had hit him again and we rolled into the ditch and I held him down just so he didn't go after anyone else," Hadley said.

The men say hit Berard and tied him up with a seatbelt until authorities arrived.

It's due in part to their quick actions that the situation didn't turn worse.

"His hand was down her throat and the only thing I could think of was he was going to kill her, and that's what he told everyone was that he was going to kill her," Rollenhagen said.

Aside from Jeremy Rollenhagen and Reggie Hadley, a group of folks, many of whom wanted to remain anonymous from Three Forks Church of Christ, also stopped and came to Brantley's aid.

As for Jonathan Berard, he's jailed on a one-million dollar cash bond.

He's also being held with no bond on the charge that he could be a danger to himself or others.

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