Skateboarders Not Wearing Helmets

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Skateboarding is a sport that attracts millions of people, but many of them are ignoring the dangers involved.

Most skate parks require the use of helmets and protective pads but the one in Bowling Green is a skate at your own risk park. Wearing a helmet is preferred, but not required.

Crocker Law Offices and The Brain Injury Association of Kentucky have teamed up to bring safety awareness to skaters by giving away free helmets.

Many kids were taking them but it doesn't seem they understand the importance of wearing a helmet.

"We're at our home territory, we're not going to get hurt here", says rollerblader, Chad Anthony.

"When your here you feel safer because you skate here everyday", Anthony says.

That is the mindset of most skaters, but it's just not true.

"We've already had a couple of pretty bad accidents out here", says skateboarder, Matt Hefner.

"Someone who isn't wearing a helmet while skating is 83 to 85% more likely to sustain a brain injury", says Jamie Miller, with the Brain Injury Association of KY

Skaters like Cory Bowles understand how unsafe it is to not wear a helmet.

"You could hit your head and get injured real bad", says Bowles.

Even though Cory has only injured his arms and legs, he says most of the time he still doesn't wear one.

"It gets too hot", says Bowles.

"A lot of children younger children do wear their helmets a lot for parents enforcing this but as they get older the don't", says Jamie Miller.

There are many reasons why skaters don't wear helmets.

"Most kids don't wear helmets because they think its uncool.", says Matt Hefner.

"All the kids want to be like the pros", says Chad Anthony.

Most of the time, the pros don't even wear helmets.

"Obviously if you see Tony Hawk wearing a helmet and that's the big person then you know someone who looks up to them is going to say well Tony Hawk's doing it, I want to do it", says Jamie Miller.

"I feel that I skate in my own comfort zone. I have nothing to prove to anyone", says Matt Hefner.

"If someone was going to try something more technical, above their level... you wear a helmet sometimes... don't you?", says Chad Anthony.

No matter what your skill level is, or where your skating, experts say there is never a good reason for not wearing your helmet.

"Skate parks are dangerous but if they're wearing a helmet and taking precautions they're less likely to sustain an injury", says Jamie Miller.

Brain injury experts say making sure your helmet fits is just as important as wearing one. If your helmet doesn't fit right, it's like not wearing one at all.

Crocker Law Offices and The Brain Injury Association of Kentucky gave away more than 200 helmets Saturday.

The initiative began when the skate park first opened and since then, more than 550 helmets have been given out.