Celebration of the 15th birthday in the Hispanic Culture

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In the Hispanic culture the fifteenth birthday is a very popular day for girls, much like the Sweet Sixteen in America.

Mis quince is what the birthday party is called.

"First I was a girl and now I am a gown woman", says Zayanira Cejuzo, who had this type of celebration for her birthday.

Zayanira Cejuzo is overjoyed to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and the tradition of the fifteenth birthday in her culture.

Vanessa Arguello who is very active in the Bowling Green Hispanic community says there is a lot more responsibility given to Hispanic girls once they turn fifteen.

"It means the little girl is now able to participate in society which is very important now she is considered grown up and she can go out to parties and dances and she's not a little girl anymore", says Arguello.

Father Stan Puryear of St. Joseph's Catholic Church says it is more than just her acceptance in society as an adult.

"It's a point where she becomes an adult in society and also an adult in her faith and takes responsibility for the faith her parents have raised her in", says Father Stan.

Zayanira says she now has new things she will begin to think about now that she will take on a more young adult role in her culture.

"Thinking about my school and my career", says Zayanira Cejuzo.

Mis quince contains many religious elements similar to bar mitzvah parties held for thirteen year olds in Judaism.

Before the party all the guests attend a service at church where the Pastor speaks about the moral responsibility of growing up. The young woman celebrating her birthday gets to stand up and speak about her hopes for the future and her parents or other family members may speak about the happiness they felt watching her grow up.