Kentuckians Heading To Tennessee For Fireworks

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You can't buy Consumer, or "Class C" fireworks here in Kentucky.

These type of explosives include Roman Candles and Bottle Rockets.

However, some Kentuckians are so determined to celebrate the 4th of July by shooting off these fireworks, so they head across state lines to buy them.

"You can't hardly buy fireworks in Kentucky. This is really the closest place you can come to get them," says Metcalfe County resident Steve Jessie.

Jessie's been driving from Metcalfe County down to Sad Sam's Fireworks in Cross Plains, Tennessee for nearly twelve years.

He's looking for those fireworks that he just can't buy at home.

"Well, I'd rather get them around town but they don't have no good fireworks. We'd just rather shoot our own fireworks and have a barbecue," says Jessie.

He's not alone.

Many Kentuckians make the pilgrimage across the Kentucky-Tennessee border to stock up on 4th of July toys.

Sometimes, more Kentuckians than Tennesseans buy fireworks in the Volunteer state.

"I would say 65 % out of Kentucky," says owner of both Sad Sam's and Nervous Charlie's Fireworks, Charlie Spicer.

Spicer says in the weeks leading up to the 4th of July his parking lot is littered with license plates from Glasgow, Somerset and other places in Bluegrass State.

"They come from Louisville. Yesterday, I had someone from the other side of Louisville in Indiana came down and they'll buy for 4 or 5 families and go back," he says.

Spicer says his Kentucky customers have become so loyal that he knows many of them by heart.

"I have customers that come here every year and ask for my salespeople by name," boasts Spicer.

Jessie says he would like to see a day when he can finally buy his favorite fireworks locally.

However, he says even if that does happen he'll always return to Sad Sam's.

Spicer says he expects wall-to wall business on Monday and Tuesday.

He says after the big two-day rush, Spicer still expects a large crowd of customers to pour in through next weekend.