Catfish Festival's Economic Impact on Morgantown

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The annual Green River Catfish Festival in Butler County is held every July to celebrate Independence Day.
There's one Morgantown organization that depends on the revenue the Catfish Festival brings in order to operate year to year.

"Every year we operate for the whole year off what we make off the catfish festival", says Kay Romans, president of the Morgantown Chamber of Commerce.

Kay Romans President says the Morgantown Chamber of Commerce would not be able to provide their services if the festival was not here.

"It's very important that we do good here to operate the whole year for the catfish festival", says Romans.

She says the Chamber provides good services to the community of Morgantown and for people who are looking to be part of the
future community of Butler County.

"The chamber is open to anyone who comes into the Butler County area we have a website set up for anyone who wants to move to Butler County to find out sources like the school system and any kind of business or things they want to know about", says Romans.

Kay was pleased when she found out people like Dirrell Cress had come over 200 miles to support the festival and says he will definitely be back next year.

"The way this fish taste I will have to come back", says Cress.

Kay says the chamber just can't stress enough how much the chamber depends on the outcome of the festival for the upcoming year.

"This is the first year that we have let members realize we are operating year to year and need your help", says Romans.

The Catfish Festival will continue through the Fourth of July with various activities so you can still come out and join in the festivities.