Bride Prepares for 07-07-07 Wedding

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Lucky number seven is on the minds of brides across the area. Saturday marks the seventh day, of the seventh month in 2007 and couples are taking advantage of the date to mark their lucky day.

Chrissy Smith and Nick Bryan are anxiously awaiting their wedding day.

"It's going to be a stressful week, but we'll get through it," Bryan said.

While most couples consider their wedding day lucky, Nick and Chrissy took it a step further.

"Lucky number sevens that's what everyone has said, lucky sevens," Smith said.

At first Smith wanted to get married in either May or July. When she started looking at the calendar she realized July 7, 2007, was on a Saturday and it was the perfect date to get married.

"She came up with the date, so it just kind of clicked - it was lucky number seven you know," Bryan said.

"Well, the reason why i picked it is for him to remember 7-7-7 - lucky sevens," Smith said.

"Wouldn't be hard for me to forget," Bryan joked.

July 7, is also a special day in Bryan's family.

"It's my grandparent's anniversary. They've been married 56 years," Bryan said.

"I just thought it'd be a really neat way to remember our wedding," Smith said.