"Courageous Kids" Will Soon Find Support at Nearby Center

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Soon there will be a place right here in South Central Kentucky for children with life-long illnesses.

We first brought you the story of Betty Turner Campbell several years ago - she’s a life-long Scottsville resident who lost her son to cancer. She had a vision of a medical camping facility in Scottsville in 2006. That camp is now looking at a March 2008 launch date.

“Right now we are about 80 percent complete with our construction going from three buildings, to currently our envisioned eighteen buildings,” camp director, Ed Collins said.

Things are coming along for The Center for Courageous Kids. They’re in the process of getting their staff into place.

With almost a week on the job, volunteer recruiter, Charlotte Beales already has big plans for the center.

“I see the amazing struggles they go through - not only a child being sick, but the siblings also having to be sucked into the world of illness,” Beales said.

Collins said a big focus right now is getting volunteers to compliment the 30 staff members they will employ.

“We have had a lot of great efforts and support form the Bowling Green and Scottsville community - and just letting us know they are here for us and when the appropriate times comes they can be of service to us,” Collins said.

Although the camp won’t heal them of their illnesses, it’ll be a place to build self-esteem, instill hope and let them simply be kids.

“One of the big beliefs to camp is normalities a child, family experience and to find that balance of learning how to cope with an illness,” Beales said.

“What we want to share with them is an experience where we don’t have what the real world is, but the way the real world should be,” Collins said.

If you would like to contribute to helping children at Camp Courageous, you can log onto their website at www.courageouskids.org.