Crime Stoppers: Window Vandals

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Warren County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a rash of vandalism in the Plano community. From June 1 through June 11, deputies say 17 incidents of breaking windows have occurred in the area, causing heavy damage to businesses, vehicles, and homes under construction.

The vandals are apparently using some type of club to smash windows and bash automobiles. Damage is estimated at more than $10,000. Authorities say if vandals do more than $1,000 damage in a single act, it's considered a Class D Felony, and offenders could be sentenced to up to five years in a state or federal penitentiary on each count.

If you know anything about these acts of vandalism, please call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE, or click on this Crime Stoppers to go to their web site. You could receive up to $1,000 for your anonymous tip.