Caudill Denies Charges; Arraignment Date Set

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Warren County's former county attorney says an accident police believe was caused by DUI was actually the result of a brake failure.

"The brakes gave out so I went into the cornfield, and to avoid hurting anyone I aimed the truck towards a tree to stop it," Caudill said.

Police arrested Caudill around 7:30 p.m. Friday night and charged him with driving under the influence and driving without possessing a license after Caudill's red 2000 Ford pickup hit a tree along the 1900 block of Plano Road.

Caudill was released from jail less than six hours later on a $643 bond; his arraignment has been set for July 7, though that date is expected to change because the judge assigned to the case is asking to be replaced.

Speaking by phone, Caudill said he had no further comment about an ongoing investigation into allegations he misused public funds.