Search for Missing Swimmer

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Around noon on Monday, crews were dispatched downtown where a person had been swept under the current.

Rescuers are looking for a man in his mid-20s. Altogether, crews from the Fire Department, Police Department, Search & Rescue, and the Medical Center took part in the search.

An eyewitness tells police he was swimming with the missing man under the State Street Bridge when his friend suddenly disappeared.

Marlee Boenig is with the Bowling Green Fire Department. She says, "Just that they were down there swimming. And that the person he was with, that supposedly is missing, was swept back into the water."

Rescue crews haven't determined how long they'll continue the search. They say that will be based on how long a person can survive in the 50 degree waters.

Divers and a crew in a rescue boat have been working in rapid currents trying to find any sign of the missing man, but they say they have to be careful in the dangerous conditions.