Family Excited About CEC Clinic

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Chandler has autism. His grandmother is one of the people that helped spear-head the clinical education complex.

Carol Baum is Chandler's grandmother. She says, "I'm just one of many. There's quite a group of parents and caregivers and then a group of interested professors and Western people. Many community people too."

Chandler and his mother lived with his grandparents for the first two years of his life.

Baum says, "Around the age of two we began to realize that he, just simply, wasn't developing right."

They took him to their family doctor and several others before they could get a diagnosis.

Baum says, "When we first got started, we only knew that our grandson was developmentally delayed."

After he was diagnosed with autism, things didn't get any easier.

Baum says, "We've had lots of therapies. And I'm very grateful to all the agencies. But yet, it's been difficult to have a therapy from here, and from here, and from here. And it's like each one is inventing the wheel each time."

She thinks the best part about the CEC clinic will be having psychologists and teachers in one location so it will be coordinated.

Baum says, "I think with the Clinical Education Complex that it will all come together. It's gonna be a good thing."