Hometown Hero: Brother Johnny Embry

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Putting food on the table may not be something you worry about, but there are a lot of people who aren't as fortunate.

A Breckenridge County pastor is on a mission to make sure needy families don't go without.

Brother Johnny Embry has been the associate pastor of Bethel Fellowship Church for 11 years.

"I wear a lot of hats in the ministry," Brother Embry said.

Faye Colmore nominated Embry. "He deals with the most difficult task - he visits our Grayson County Detention Center on a regular basis and talks with inmates," Colmore said.

Brother Johnny ministers at the food bank and hand delivers baskets to the inmate's families and to people who can't afford to drive there.

"He actually takes them food and clothing when they need it," Colmore said.

But Brother Johnny doesn't feed them alone. He credits other organizations for their contributions.

"Our purpose here at the church is to help the needy," Embry said.

Brother Johnny is also in charge of something called the van route ministry.

"I pick up kids and bring them into church on Sundays," Embry explained.

Thirty kids are able to attend church and one of them is Kyle Fentress.

"He's like a father to me," Fentress said. "Whenever I get in trouble he'll talk to me about it."

Not only does he minister through his good deeds, the children that he seems closest to say Brother Johnny is their hero.

Brother Johnny wants to make sure the other organizations who help the food bank are also recognized.

He credits Kentucky Harvest and Feed the Children for providing free food.