Adopted Children Home Safe in Bowling Green

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Ten American baptist missionaries are now charged with kidnapping for attempting to take 33 Haitian children out of the country.

A local family says the ring leader, Laura Silsby, tried to take their adoptive children too.

The Pickett's are learning how to breakdance, braid hair, and moon-walk like Michael Jackson.

They've also learned how frightening a phone call can be.

The Pickett's say the missionary charged with kidnapping in Haiti, tried to take their children.

While Richard Pickett was in Haiti, Malinda received three separate phone calls from laura Silsby saying she wanted to help out.

"When they get to the Dominican, I'll help you get them over. And I told her no," said Malinda, "my husband is over in Haiti advocating for our adoption to be finished and get our kids home and you know at this time I don't think we need any help."

Malinda says the phone calls raised some red flags. "Do you realize?" she asked Silsby, "we've been waiting 5 years to get our children, you know it's not that easy to just go to Haiti and pick up kids. You know, you can't do that."

"She kept persisting, and Malinda kept saying no, don't bother our children," said Richard, "and Laura decided to show up at the orphanage anyway, and ask for our children, and said that malinda had sent her there. And our children were not there at the time, they were with me."

With all the information surfacing about Silsby's money woes, Richard Pickett thinks she was financially motivated to get his children.

"And maybe do a mild form of extortion, because here we are, obviously interesteed in caring for our children and if she had them in the Dominican, she could use us as leverage to have us pay for their support," said Richard.

The children are recognized as the Pickett's adopted children in haiti. But in the US they aren't yet. Instead of getting visas, they have humanitarian parole visas, only giving them 2 years here, yet another legal battle the Pickett's will face.

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