Lucky Number 7

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A record-setting number of couples tied the knot July 7, 2007.

A popular wedding website,, reports more than 38,000 couples planned to say their I do's on 7-7-07. The number seven has always been thought to bring good luck and has religious and superstitious significance.

There are seven wonders of the world, seven continents, and 7-7-7 signifies a jackpot in Las Vegas. Lucky number seven has made July 7, 2007, the most popular day to get married this century.

"I feel lucky," said Chrissy Smith, a bride.

Chrissy Smith and Nick Bryan picked 7-7-07 as their wedding day because it just seemed lucky.

"We thought about playing sevens and pick three tonight to see if we win any money."

"Hopefully it will bring more luck to our marriage," groom Nick Bryan said.

Nick's grandparents also got married on July 7th, 56 years ago, which was another reason 7-7-07 seemed so perfect.

"I hope I can make it that long," Nick Bryan said.

"We thought that would be a neat way to remember our wedding day and easy for him to remember," Chrissy added .

They admit, they're still a little superstitious and want to make sure this important day runs smooth.

"I've jumped over a few cracks in my life," Nick Bryan said.

"Sometimes I might be when it comes down to it. Like Friday the 13th or something," Chrissy said.

That's a day, Chrissy and Nick say they never considered for their wedding.

"I don't think so. It's suppose to mean bad luck so I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do it on the 13th," Chrissy said.

"On the 13th, I doubt it. I would never do that," Nick said.

The couple says they had other dates in mind but when Chrissy thought of this one, Nick says it just clicked.

"I like odd numbers like three and seven," Chrissy added.

"I just look at it as lucky sevens. I just think all sevens are lucky," Chrissy said.

"I'm a big believer in that," Nick said.

Chrissy and Nick met three years ago at work and have a two year old daughter together. They say they already feel pretty lucky, even if 7-7-07 doesn't bring them more luck.

"Knock on wood," Chrissy said.

While Chrissy and Nick were tying the knot, others in the area were planning their big day. Kentucky Bridal Magazine hosted a bridal show at Barnes and Noble Saturday to celebrate the magazine being sold nationwide.

Couples could check out the latest issue of Kentucky Bridal Magazine while tasting cake and talking with other wedding vendors.

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