Opening Statements Heard in Bowling Green Murder Trial

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Opening statements have been heard in the trial of a man representing himself in his own murder and kidnapping case.

50-year-old Lawrence Stinnett could face the death penalty if he's convicted of both charges in the February 2006 death of 29-year-old Christina Renshaw.

"You will hear statements that will conclusively and unexplainably link him to this horrific crime," said Chris Cohron, Warren County commonwealth attorney.

It's an apparent crime that led to the death of Christina Renshaw in 2006.

"Ms. Renshaw's fatal mistake was the fact that she had been having an argument with then boyfriend Lawrence Stinnett," Cohron explained to jurors Tuesday.

During opening statements, Cohron told jurors it was Stinnett who "hog-tied" Renshaw with electrical cord and beat her to death.

"You will see Christina Renshaw from head-to-toe beaten and bloodied, with her mouth filled with kitty litter and cat feces," Cohron said.

Cohron says forthcoming testimony from Alanda Lewis will show she and Stinnett drove from Oklahoma City, where the two were working together, to Bowling Green after Stinnett became jealous that Renshaw may've been involved with someone else.

"She (Lewis) will explain as soon as they entered the back of the apartment, Mr Stinnett's personality changes. He gets madder, and starts destroying items in the apartment," Cohron said.

"The evidence will show that Christina was living a double life," said Stinnett during his opening statements. "The evidence will show that."

Acting as his own defense, Stinnett asked jurors to take a good look at the evidence.

He says deep emotions catapulted deep and severe events.

"The process of that happening, the defendants world, a suppressed hidden and disturbed world was revived," Stinnett said.

But Stinnett says evidence given won't support the charges he's facing.

"The evidence will show you that my, the defendant's actions in no way support murder or kidnapping," Stinnett said. "I guarantee that."

Alanda Lewis is also charged with the death of Christina Renshaw.
She will be tried separately.

Stinnett's trial continues Wednesday morning.

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