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Adventures in Kentucky: Wake Boarding

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On our last Adventures in Kentucky, I spent the day rappelling and riding zip lines. On this edition, I take to the water and explores one of South Central Kentucky's many lakes, while learning to wakeboard.

Wakeboarding is a fairly new sport and it's not all that different from water skiing. The main differences are that both feet are secured to the same board and your goal is to jump off of the boats wake. Daniel Bragg is a South Central Kentucky native and along with a few friends, he's agreed to take me for a ride.

“The great thing about wakeboarding is that it’s a family event. You can go out and take the whole family and enjoy the day wakeboarding and everybody has a great time,” Bragg said.

Something that sets wakeboarding apart from other water sports is the water. Water skiing generally avoids the wake of the boat, but with wake boarding the wake is a playground. The better the wake, the more fun the ride.

“Making a wake ballast system works by getting water out of the lake and putting it in sacks in the boat to displace more water, causing a bigger wake with the displacement. The bigger and cleaner wake you have, the higher you can jump in the air,” Bragg said.

But with all of that said, what does wakeboarding look like? Well, that depends on who you watch.

I'm still very new at this and watching me wakeboard is much less impressive, but we all know what you really want to see the crashes.

If you'd like more information on making a wake ballast system, you can contact Daniel Bragg at