One Tank Trips: Maysville

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In this week’s One Tank Trip, we’ll take you to the city where history becomes art. Maysville is nestled along the Ohio River and has much to offer anyone passing through.

Nine murals line the entrance to downtown Maysville, Ky. Some of them represent four centuries of history and the four seasons. Others capture details of dress, architechture and transportation from different time periods.

You’ll be mesmorized by a frontier settlement from the 1700s known as Old Washington where costumed guides explain how the village remained virtually unchanged right into modern times.

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin was inspired by Old Washington and now there’s a slavery to freedom museum here named after her.

High on a hill in Maysville sits the National Underground Railroad Museum. It was once home to the Bierbauer family who owned slaves themselves, but also hid many of them until they were able to slip across the river to freedom.

“All slave owners were not alike. If we’re gonna tell the story, let’s tell it fair. This is not about shame or blame - it’s about history. It’s a great place to see because you have where you can look down and see where the slaves actually hid,”

“Maysville recently opened another major museum. This one will feature traveling exhibits. We have one now from the National Association of Thoroughbred Racing. Our geneological library which is quite extensive and one of the top ones in the state is now open - but we do look forward to the completion of our very fine miniature gallery early this fall,”

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