Venus Shines Bright This Month

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This July, there's one planet that plans on outshining all the others.
Watch out solar system - here comes Venus.

That's because the percentage of Venus' visible surface that lies in sunlight changes throughout the month much like the moon.

By the 12th, Venus will reach its greatest brilliance.

"Now it's so bright we get a lot of calls this time of year saying people have noticed a plan in the sky that stationary or identified as a UFO - I assure you it's just the planet Venus," Western Kentucky University's Dr. David Barnaby said.

Barnaby also said now is the time to see Venus' bright show because it won't last long.

But for those procrastinators, you don't have to wait until next year if you miss it this month.

"In September or October you can see Venus in the morning but it won't be quiet as bright simply because it won't be as close to the earth as it is right now," Barnaby said.

Barnaby assured that you don't even need binoculars or a telescope to see Venus. It's so bright you just need to look to the southwest about 30 minutes after sunset to see this bright planet.