Health Department To Survey Community On Health

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A recent state poll shows that Kentuckians' top priority is "access to affordable, high quality, and comprehensive health care."

So, the Barren River Health Department is giving you a chance to get more involved by creating "The Everything Survey".

Warren County resident Kim Flora is just one of many who will be taking the survey.

"I'm interested, actually, in seeing what the community feels like are the issues of our different counties," she said.

Flora said this will be the first time she has an opportunity to let health care professionals know what's important to her.

"They really gives you an opportunity to say, I feel like this is a problem, like that is a problem," she noted.

The 30-plus question survey covers topics as diverse as health issues to community planning and land-use zoning.

The Health Department's Chip Kraus said the survey needs to be broad in order to properly gauge the citizens that are filling the survey out.

"The information that we're gathering will be used by hospitals, politicians and business leaders to get an idea of what people need and to fill those needs," Kraus said.

Another aspect that Flora is excited about is the fact the survey will break down the data by counties to ensure each county is receiving the medical service they need.

"I know the concerns of residents in my area are going to be completely different than someone who lives in Allen or Hart County," Flora explained.

As she finishes her survey, Flora is looking forward to what health care in South Central Kentucky might look like in the future.

"I'm anxious to see what will come of the survey... what agencies like the health department and other agencies do with the information.

She believes this survey is the first step.

The survey is available online by clicking here, or at your local health department through the rest of the summer.

It's available in Spanish and will soon be translated into Bosnian.

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