Crime Stoppers: Utility Trailer Thefts

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Trailers continue to be stolen in Warren County. We have the latest on how you can help police put the brakes on these trailer thefts in the July 11, 2007, edition of "Crime Stoppers." .

Just two weeks ago, we asked for your help with stolen utility trailers
and now, more have been stolen, making tonight's "Crime of the Week."

Bowling Green Police, the Warren County Sheriff's Dept. and the Kentucky State Police are all investigating a series of utility trailer thefts. Over the past few weeks, several utility trailers have been stolen from driveways, construction job sites and businesses.

The theives approach the trailers, hook them to a vehicle and tow them away in a matter of minutes. In most cases, the trailers were empty. Losses are estimated at more than $35,000.

Investigators believe some of the thefts may be related. If you know anything about these trailer thefts,
please call "Crime Stoppers" at 270-781-CLUE or click here. You could get up to $1000 for your tip

It appears the thieves drive around neighborhoods and construction sites, looking for trailers to steal. Authorities suggest you immobilize your trailer when not in use to make it harder to steal.