Business to Bring Jobs

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Seven months ago, residents of Morgantown received word a new company could possibly be coming to their town.

With help from the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, officials in Butler County helped make the rumor a reality.

On Thursday, July 12, it was confirmed Morgantown will be home to the Wind Energy Corporation.

The high-tech start-up company founded in April 2007 and represents an investment of more than $6.1 million in the south central Kentucky region.

"This is very exciting because we haven't had too many new businesses lately," said Linda Keown, a Morgantown resident and City Council Member.

Years ago Morgantown lost of two of their largest businesses, Sumitomo and the Kellwood company.

"We just felt like our town was dying and we have for a long time because that generated a lot of funds for us to operate on," Linda Keown said.

The loss impacted a lot of people.

"I've got a business right across the river and since the facility has been shut down, it's really hurt my business," said Morgantown resident, Bruce Bratcher.

But now, there's something Butler County residents can look forward to, the Wind Energy Corporation.

"It's not a maybe that it's coming or it's going somewhere else. It's here," Morgantown Mayor, Eva Hawes exclaimed.

"I think everybody that I've talked to is excited and I don't know why anybody would not be excited," Morgantown resident, Helen Moore said.

The new company will make wind turbines to produce electricity. Unlike traditional, propeller-driven turbines that require a minimum of 8012 MPH wind speed and an average of one acre of clear land for each turbine, the product will be designed to operate in as little as four MPH wind velocity without motor assistance. Additionally, the wind turbines are not harmful to wildlife.

"We also are a distributed energy source, meaning we're not selling our product to a utility company. We're selling it to the end user, so it gives them the freedom to decide where they want to purchase their energy," said Greg Thompson, Wind Energy Corporation President.

The Wind Energy Corporation will be located in the old Sumitomo building. After five years they hope to employ up to 260 people. With a town of nearly 2600 people, residents say this will help their economy.

"My hope is that everyone here that wants a job will be able to find employment," Helen Moore said.

"It's great. This is something we've been looking forward to for a long time," Eva Hawes said.

"This is a different type of industry and I just think it will be very much a success here," Linda Keown explained.

Officials with the Wind Energy Corporation are going to be sharing their new building with Dynastrosi Laboratories, a research company that helped bring them to the area.

Over the next twelve months the company also hopes to employ at least 30 people and is already in talks with major retailers and property management firms about their product.