Teachers and Students Stock up on Supplies

The first day of school is right around the corner for students in South Central Kentucky. So, they're hitting the stores for pens, pencils, paper, and of course backpacks.

However, preparing for the first day of school can be just as exciting for teachers as students.

"Especially for first year teachers, when you first begin you want to make your atmosphere at school just an extension of home for the kids and you," said Jennifer Clark, a teacher at Cumberland Trace Elementary.

However, as Clark knows, creating that mood can cost a pretty penny.

"I've already spent this summer, around $150," Clark said. "Normally our school gets an allowance for tape and any basic necessity that we need, but anything else comes out of our own pocket."

However, the supplies the students bring in sometimes only lasts until the Christmas season.

So, just like their students, many teachers are stocking up on pencils, paper, and other supplies.

"My first year I spent $2,000 on my classroom that year," Clark said.
Jennifer wants to have extra supplies on hand, so every child has something to work with.

"... Just to fulfill those basic needs. It just makes them come in much more comfortable and confident and they feel everyone starts at the same playing field," Clark said.

The teachers at Cumberland Trace also share and trade supplies if one person starts to run low.

"It's like borrowing a cup of sugar from our neighbor. We just really make sure we have what we need," Clark said.

If you want to help get area children's school year started off right, you can do so by donating school supplies.

WBKO, Christian Family Radio and US Bank are collecting the supplies for the less fortunate through August 6.

The supplies can be donated at any area US Bank location, WCVK Christian Family Radio, or at WBKO.