Red River Gorge Rescue

Two men are finally rescued after falling off a cliff in the Red River Gorge.

Emergency crews from several counties worked for hours the morning of July 13, 2007, to bring Mike Plummer of Bowling Green and Derek Dye to safety.

The accident happened on July 12, when the two men were hiking near the Rock Bridge Campground. One of the men lost his footing and fell nearly 50 feet down a cliff. The second went to see what happened and also fell.

“Just heard this slide and thud and then, after that, my other buddy went over to see what was going on. Well he quickly slip and fell,” explained Miki Padgett, who hiked with the victims.

Padgett, also from Bowling Green went for help, but became disoriented navigating the woods so he decided to back track to be near his friends.

The hikers’ injuries are described as serious with one of them having a lot of blood loss and broken bones.

They were airlifted to the University of Kentucky Hospital.