South-Central Kentucky Remembering Troops

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Donations at the National Guard Armory on Morgantown Road are overflowing.

CDT Chip St. Charles says, "The turnout has been unbelievable. The community has come together and shown their support. The troops are gonna really appreciate it."

For soldiers overseas, getting a care package can mean a lot.

St. Charles says they, "Definitely brighten your day. And you realize that people do still remember that you're over there fighting and they care about you and haven't forgotten about you. A lot of worldly events may have taken precedence in their mind, but your still in there somewhere."

Logan County residents are showing their support by signing a banner that will be sent to troops in Iraq.

Davie Kener stopped to sign the banner. He says, "I can't be over there, so I just thought it was the right thing to do."

Natsha Collins organized the event. She says, "We just felt like we needed to show our support to the troops, and we wanted to make it a community-wide event, not just our church, our youth group. And this is what came about from all of us putting our heads together."

The First General Baptist Church of Russellville came up with the idea, and it drew many signers to stop and write a message for the soldiers.

Collins says, "I think they need to know that we haven't forgotten about them and that we still remember and we are praying for them everyday. And we know they are over there a long way from home and it gets hard. And they need to know we remember them."

People have been stopping by the National Guard Armory and making donations and coming to this Logan County gathering to sign this banner for troops when they don't even know anyone overseas. But Alva Todd has a personal connection to U.S. troops in Iraq.

Alva Todd says, "My brother is in the army, and right now, their platoon is in Iraq."

She is selling magnetic ribbons to show support for the troops.

Todd says, "I'm proud. He's my brother."

The National Guard is accepting donations anytime, but they'll be holding special donor drives once a month.

If you'd like to buy a magnetic ribbon from Alva Todd, you can call her at
(270) 782-2905. The cost of the ribbon is $5.