Motorcycle Helmets: To Wear or Not to Wear?

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Bike-lovers from all over came out to Beech Bend Raceway this weekend to witness the Harley Davidson Races.

Carol Smith was there. She said, "We came up from Florida, and my family's from Evansville and Cynthiana, Indiana. And we had a really great time."

Like many other motorcycle enthusiasts, Carol Smith came to have fun and watch the races, not to worry about safety. But since the beginning of June there have been four motorcycle accidents in the area.

On June 6 in Barren County, Ronald and Debbie Foley were in a motorcycle accident and treated at TJ Samson for their injuries. The day after, Charles Cummings, of Adolpus, was killed in a motorcycle crash. A week after that, Traymon Weatherford and Kelly Smith were in an accident. Smith died and Weatherford was in critical condition at Vanderbilt Hospital. And one week after that, Jackie Brooks, of Bowling Green, lost control of his motorcycle and was killed in the crash.

But when we talked to some of the visitors at Beech Bend Raceway, they said they are glad they can choose whether or not to wear a helmet when they ride.

Steven Johnson said, "I've had two accidents myself, without a helmet, and I survived."

Wesley Mudd said, "That’s why we have laws. It's pro-choice. If you want to you can, if you don't want to you don't have to." But Lafayette Moore doesn't get on his Harley without a helmet.

Moore's motorcycle club, The Ground Hogs, traveled to Beech Bend from Huntsville.

Lafayette Moore said, "This state doesn't have a helmet law, but Alabama does. And even if it didn't, I would wear a helmet anyway."

He says he chooses to wear one as a precaution and wouldn't ride without a helmet.

Moore said, "Safety first. When you ride a motorcycle, you always think safety first."