More Tourists Mean More Jobs

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Tourism in Kentucky is steadily on the rise. The Travel Industry Association reports tourism has gone up over the past three years almost 24-percent. Because of the increase, almost 6000 new jobs have been created in Ky.

WBKO shows you how a popular Warren County tourist attraction has created new jobs to match the rising numbers.

Jim Lavender is a team captain at Beech Bend Park. His job is one of the many created at Beech Bend due to the increase in tourism.

"My day-to-day job is to make sure these rides are operating properly and safely," Lavender said.

Operations Manger, Stephanie Jones, said the increase in jobs at Beech Bend is directly related to the increase in tourists.

"Two summers ago, we operated with around 120 people," Jones stated.

Now the park operates with at least 200 employees.

"Due to the increase of people we have at Beech Bend, we had to go out of Warren County," Jones explained.

And hire people like Jim, who originally is from Georgia and came to work at the park three years ago through a worker-campers program.

"We've hired work-campers and they come in and stay in our campground for the summer and work here," Jones said.

Jim said his job at Beech Bend works out perfect for him and the more tourists, the more people you need to make them smile.

"We like it here. It's a nice area and people are friendly," Lavender admits.

Stephanie Jones said they've seen an increase in attendance at the park, up 30-percent from last year. She also adds, as the park continues to grow, they'll continue to add more attractions and jobs in order to keep the park an enjoyable place to visit.