Downtown Redevelopent In the Works

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South Central Kentucky residents are eager to find out the latest about Bowling Green's downtown redevelopment plans .

On July 16, 2007, a meeting was held in Richardsville to explain to residents the revitalization plans and to get rid of any misconceptions.

Timmy Young has lived in Richardsville for 48 years.

"I'm here to find out what they're proposing," Young said.

Young said he's lived in this area long enough to see Bowling Green grow and understands its importance.

"I'm not opposed to growth," Young admitted.

He heard about the downtown development in Bowling Green, but doesn't know much.

"Most of it's been rumor, nothing factual," Young said.

Chairman of the Playball '05 Committee, Rick Kelley, said they're taking the deteriorated portions of downtown and turning it into more than $200-million of redevelopment.

"Everything from a parking garage, to SKyPAC, ballpark, mixed use, retail, office and residential," Kelley explained about the downtown plans.

Kelley said the redevelopment will be paid for partly by "TIF", or the tax increment financing district.

"It's only the taxes that district-in the TIF districts, which goes from downtown up to Van Meter at Western Kentucky University," Kelley said.

To give future developments such as SKyPAC a boost, funding will be given through TIF, even though it's also receiving funding elsewhere.

"$Six-million is being allocated to the SKyPAC performing arts center," Kelley affirmed.

Kelly said the ballpark will get about $18-million and the parking garage will get about $8-million. And, people like Timmy Young said growth in South-Central Kentucky is a necessity.

"I really think with the development we've got with the factories in Bowling Green and the redevelopment such as SKyPAC, they're going to have to grow with the community," Young said.

There are no finalized plans as to when Bowling Green's downtown redevelopment will begin.