Chamber Kicks Off Membership Drive

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Community volunteers and Bowling Green's Area Chamber of Commerce staff got to show off some colorful costumes as they kicked off their membership drive today.

This was the chamber's first membership drive in five-years. They called it, the "Battle of the Bands," which pitted seven teams against one another dressed as musical groups ranging from "Jimmy Buffet" to "The Mama's and the Papa's."

Each team was to recruit at least 24 new chamber partners with the total goal being 189 new members, adding $53-thousand to the chamber till. The chamber offers businesses the opportunity to promote themselves to the very people who might buy their products or services.

"So that's another reason to support the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce because we literally are putting dollars back into the pockets and the cash registers for our business members," explained Jim Hizer, Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Hizer also said the chamber is the leading economic development agency in South- Central Ky., boasting more than 1200 businesses.