Iraq Around the Clock

The all-nighter on Capitol Hill is officially over. Despite lawmakers debating throughout the night, they didn't garner the 60 votes they needed to end debate on a bill to withdraw troops from Iraq.

As the night wore on, several Democrats including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joined demonstrators outside for an anti-war protest.

"I want every American from coast-to-coast to know we won't stop fighting until we end this war," Reid said.

But Republicans maintain the night was nothing more than a stunt.

"We've got a bill that gives those troops in Iraq a pay increase, provides a better quality of life for them and their families, and provides more and better and safer equipment for them. All of that has been lost and delayed by the Democrats in a procedure they have called- a stunt that took place last night, but you know, the Senate always requires sixty votes on these issues," said Saxby Chambliss, a Republican Georgia Senator.

As expected, three Republicans voted along Democrats. After many hours of debate, only one more broke ranks and voted to move the amendment forward.

Democrats have taken the bill off the floor for now and moved on to other business.