Edwards Makes Stop In Ky.

Presidential candidate John Edward and Barack Obama focused on the struggles of the nation's poor on July 18. The two Democrats gave competing speeches that underscored the fierce fight for the Democratic nomination.

Edwards followed in the steps of a past political figure, Robert F. Kennedy. Nearly 40-years ago, Kennedy embarked on a poverty tour through eight states including Kentucky.

Edwards made his three stops in the Appalachian Mountains. Danielle Morgan from our sister-station in Hazard, Ky. found out what Edwards plans to do for under-privileged Americans.

With stops in West Virginia, Whitesburg and Prestonsburg, Senator Edwards not only spoke, but also listened to the issues concerning residents the most.

"I think education is the answer. I think people need to know there's more than prescription drug abuse and there's more there for us," one eastern Kentucky resident said.

"I hope he's not just full of empty promises and handing out welfare checks," Harlan resident, David Kennedy said.

The senator said he supports a universal healthcare system and developing biofuels to not only reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil, but also decrease the nation's contribution to global warming.

"If we actually want to have a planet 100-years from now, I think we should cap carbon emissions which we don't do today," Edwards explained.

The senator said people living in poverty should be given more opportunities and not be defined by their challenges.

Obama spoke at a recreation center in the nation's capital. In a jab at his rival, Obama argued that combating poverty was hardly new for him, a one time community organizer in Chicago.