Gerber Recalls Products

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Important news for parents - baby food maker, Gerber, is voluntarily recalling some of its products .

The nationwide recall includes 475,000 packages of organic rice and organic oatmeal cereal.

The products have the following UPC codes:
Organic Rice

  • 15000
  • 12504
    Organic Oatmeal Cereal
  • 15000
  • 12502

    The rice and cereal do not fully dissolve in milk or water and may leave clumps that pose a possible choking hazard for babies.

    Here is the latest on a grocery list of recalled food items and what local supermarkets do about recalls.

    It seems no one is safe from the growing list of recent food recalls and Judy Churchwell is no different, even though she's constantly checking labels.

    "I do worry about all the food I eat, especially because some of it has made me sick," Churchwell said.

    Crossroads IGA Assistant Manager, Melanie Tatum, said a lot of people wanted to know if they could bring dog food back during that recall, as well as the peanut butter.

    "We got a ton of that back," Tatum said.

    First peanut butter, then pet food and now baby food; customers want to know what's next.

    "A lot of people feel like they don't ever know what to buy anymore because you don't know what's in a product," Tatum said.

    When Tatum receives a pink recall notice, she knows exactly what to do.

    "On our trucks that we get four-to-five times a week, we get a pink piece of paper that notifies us of any recalls that've been taken and we immediately go to the shelves to check and make sure we have it. If we do, we pull it off," Tatum explained.

    And Tatum knows a little something about pulling products from the shelves.

    "As you can see, there's a tag right here but there's a hole because of the recall," Tatum showed WBKO.

    She feels she has a good system in place that shoppers like Natalie Creighton can trust.

    "Actually I haven't heard of the recall until I started talking to them and they said there was one on baby food," Creighton admitted.

    But regulars like Natalie and Judy still think something needs to be done.

    "They need to find a way to fix it. That is way too much stuff and you don't even hear about half of that," Creighton said.

    Refund information for the recent Gerber recall can be found at

    To view the Gerber product recall notice, click here.