$37 Million in WKU Projects in Limbo Until Budget Passes

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A $27 million dollar renovation of WKU's Thompson Science Complex and $10 million renovation of Snyder Hall will remain on hold until a final state budget is passed.

With the deadline for a budget looming at midnight Wednesday, WKU's president says the projects will remain on hold. The state cannot issue bonds to pay for projects like the renovations until a final budget is passed.

The Snyder Hall renovation is aimed at creating a new Math and Science Academy for gifted high schoolers.

The school did receive some good news: Governor Fletcher's spending plan to run the state until a budget is passed includes at least $581,000 in extra funding for WKU. Dr. Ransdell says that money will go towards merging the school's Owensboro campus with a local technical college, and fund deferred maintenance projects on campus. The school will receive at least another $581,000 but could receive more depending on a meeting of the Council on Post-Secondary Education next week.