New Year-New You Update

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Remember those resolutions you made to get healthy, wealthy and fit?

Studies show most New Year's resolutions fizzle out by February. But there are three people in the area who haven't forgotten their New Year commitments.

In December, we showed you three people who were getting ready to begin their pledge to lead a better life-Judy Selk, Ricky Foxall and Jeremy Lee.

Judy has smoked for about 50-years. In January, she finally decided to call it quits by joining a smoking cessation class.

Ricky has been battling his weight problem since he was a teenager and this year, he vowed to lose weight and get in shape.

Jeremy is getting married in October. To prepare, he and his fiancé met with a financial advisor.

We decided to check in with them to see how they're doing now.

"I just had to keep telling myself that I was doing this for myself, the kids and my health," Selk said.

Selk finally quit smoking, but said it wasn't easy.

"You sit there with that cup of coffee and the cigarette and you've got to take that last good draw and say this is it," Selk added.

Judy made the decision to quit in January.

"I can breath easier. I can walk. I can walk up the hill without my legs killing me. I used the Nicoderm CQ and the patches. Those worked out real well," Selk explained.

The smoking cessation classes Judy was taking also helped. Health Educator Carol Douglas said about half of the people who go to these classes are successful.

Judy almost didn't make it.

"I thought how stupid-you know you're killing everything you've been doing for the past four or five months," Selk said.

"An average smoker takes about five to seven unsuccessful attempts," Douglas said.

Judy has tried quitting at least that many times. She said she'll always have to work hard to stay smoke-free.

"Even today you still want one, it's there. You just have to put your mind to it that you don't need it," Selk said.

Ricky Foxall is lighter on his feet after shedding 200-pounds.

"I'm wearing clothes that start with an "X" instead of a number in front of it for the first time since i was 17-years-old," Foxall said.

He weighed 459 pounds.

"My goal for this year was to loose 140-pounds total and I think we've gotten 23-inches," he said.

He's even run in three 5-K's and plans to run in a 10-K later this year.

"Nothing like looking up and seeing a finish line," Foxall added.

Ricky doesn't take all of the credit for his success though.

"A couple of the aerobics instructors ran their 5-K then came back and ran the last quarter-mile with me to make sure I finished," Foxall explained.

Ricky started loosing weight about a year and a half ago. He has 17 more pounds to go to reach his goal this year.

"Then maybe my goal will be to maintain that for the rest of my life. I spent the first 42-years unhealthy. I'd like to spend whatever I've got left, healthy," Foxall said.

Jeremy Lee is getting married in October, but he's not just getting a wife, he's gaining a seven-year-old daughter.

"$200 a month isn't going to be enough to cover her college education, but it's definitely a step in the right direction," Lee said.

To prepare for his new life, Jeremy decided to get with a financial advisor to come up with a savings plan.

"So they can reach the wedding goal that they have, the retirement goal, and education goal for Kylee," advisor Adam Yates said.

Jeremy said he's been making adjustments and meeting his goals ever since.

"We've kind of splurged a little bit here and went on a little vacation as a break, but other than that we've stayed pretty consistent on what we wanted to save," Lee admitted.

Then, Jeremy decided to build a house and had to re-evaluate his plan.

"You have to make other sacrifices," Lee said.

Jeremy and Adam meet about every six-months to make sure he's staying on track. And Jeremy said they'll continue to meet, even after the new year.

Judy, Ricky and Jeremy had a lot more to say about the struggles they faced trying to keep their New Year's resolutions.

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