Park City Bridge

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For the past six years, the idea of building a new overpass in Park City has been in "the works". It's an issue that's sparked controversy among town residents, and now, one man is finding the value of his property heavily affected by the looming construction project .

Jerry Greer has had the same view from his Park City home for nearly 40 years, but all of that's about to change.

"I'm standing pretty much to the site, maybe a little to my left where the right of way's about to be," Greer said.

Soon, an overpass will be built right over his property.

"It's gonna take all the frontage of my property and there will be a ramp right in front of my house that's ten feet higher than my floor. It just ruins this place as a place to live," Greer explained.

It's an issue that Park City Mayor David Lyons is keeping in mind.
But Lyons said the overpass needs to be built as a safety precaution.

"It came about because of issues with tractor trailers, especially grain trucks passing the railroad tracks. We've had some that got hung on the track," Lyons said.

Greer simply doesn't agree and said that grain and livestock trucks have always been able to pass over the railroad tracks without a hitch.

But Lyons said the matter is in the hands of the state and while he understands the need for an overpass, he wants to support anyone being affected.

"Especially on a farm, that's not only where you live, it's where you work and it's your retirement. And when you think of what that retirement is worth, that's a high cost," Lyons said.

Mayor Lyons said the location of the bridge was chosen so that the overpass will maintain enough height over the railroad for trains to pass under.