Western Football Scores Big

Houchens Industries has given Western Kentucky University
$5-million dollars to enhance the expansion and renovation of its football stadium

As thanks for the gift, the stadium has been renamed to Houchen's Industries L.T. Smith Stadium.

For Lee Robertson, Western is home.

"Golly, it's been my whole life," Robertson said.

The Hilltopper started at the university in 1947, where he also played baseball.

He later returned to work for the college.

"There hasn't been anyone that's retired more jobs at Western than I have and went back to work," Robertson said.

Now he has the chance to witness another new beginning as the football stadium receives a new name.

"It's hard to find a one source that you can give to that reaches so many people. Western just covers our whole area," said Jimmie Gipson, the Chairman and CEO of Houchens.

The Houchen's Industries L.T. Smith Stadium is currently under renovation.

Now with the corporation giving the school a $5-million present, the stadium will be able to include additional features.

"This won't be the biggest stadium in Division-1 football by any means, but it will be among the nicest in terms of fan pleasure, video boards and the food options that will be available to our fans," Western President, Gary Ransdell, said.

"This university is the face of this region and the face this state, so we're very proud to be associated with it," explained Spencer Coates, the President of Houchens.

As a proud Hilltopper fan, Lee is excited to see what else the future of the university holds.

The stadium renovation is expected to be completed for the 2008 season.