Don't Get Scammed

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Be careful what you sign up for! A business-owner, who didn't do her homework on an online business, feels she was scammed.

In June, Storesonline Inc., based out of Orem, Utah, held a seminar in Bowling Green to help small businesses grow by using the Internet.

The woman we'll call "Jean" doesn't want to be identified fearing loss of business.

"Jean" signed a contract to buy "Storesonline software" and after she found what she calls "hidden charges" when she started researching the company-- it was too late.

"We should have done this beforehand, but we didn't think before. We looked for information on this company and boy did we find it!" "Jean" said.

Even though Storesonline Inc. has an "unsatisfactory" rating with the Better Business Bureau, many of the complaints nationwide were resolved.

Many websites like the "Rip Off Report" showed similar results but were later recanted. In Ky., no lawsuits are pending with the Attorney General's office but the complaints are being heard.

"We have spoken with the Attorney General in Ky. and he wants to hear complaints about the company," BBB Representative Linda Chambers said.

The company is facing lawsuits in other states.

"We found out there were a lot of hidden charges after we made the purchase," "Jean" said.

But in "Jean's" case, her problems began when she didn't read the fine print.

"She didn't complain about our price or our software," said Jeremy Roberts, Storesonline Public Relations Manager.

Roberts said he's all about customer service and "Jean" even rated his customer service representatives a four out of five.

"They told me I was in a contract, so, no refund," "Jean" said.

However, Roberts said there's no reason for a refund.

"Her complaint is about a service she doest have to use," Roberts explained.

What "Jean" didn't understand was the charge for using a third-party company to use a credit card to process her business transactions.
She's charged almost $25 a month for the service that Roberts said she doesn't have to use.

"That's why we like everyone to call us and check with us before you do business with a company," Chambers said.

Though "Jean" won't be getting a refund, maybe next time she'll double check what she's signing up for.

Not only have other websites claimed "Storesonline" is a scam, attorney general's in other states are processing many complaints from unsatisfied customers.

While "Jean's" case is very upsetting, "Storesonline" said they are committed to customer satisfaction.

If you have a problem, call the Kentucky Attorney General's office at 502-588-0071, or if you want to speak with "Storesonline" customer service, you can call 801-227-0004.

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