"Barefoot in the Park "

Two optimistic and love struck newlyweds quickly get a dose of reality in “Barefoot in the Park,” which opens Friday night in Horse Cave.

Corie and Paul are excited about moving into their new apartment, at first. The two begin their marriage in an unfurnished fifth-floor walk-up, with no bathtub, a hole in the skylight and no heat during the cold winter months. They soon realize the honeymoon is over.

Actor Chad Smith told WBKO, "It's very funny, all the elements like the wacky neighbors and the crazy mother-in-law come into play. “Barefoot in the Park” is great!"

“Barefoot in the Park” begins Friday night at 7:30 at the Kentucky Repertory Theatre, and runs through September 18. For a complete list of show times, log onto www.kentuckyrep.org.