Hometown Hero: Chris McKinney

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This week's Hometown Hero is a Bowling Green attorney that recently received a prestigious award for his many accomplishments in the U.S, and fighting in the war.

From lawyer, FBI agent, volunteer firefighter, military officer, to even a dad, Chris McKinney has had many jobs over the years.

"That by far and away is my most important job," McKinney said, referring to parenthood.

"He's a smart young man - got a bright future, hardworking, and dedicated," said Wayne Priest, with the law firm English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley.

He has earned awards such as the Bronze Star Medal from the U.S. Army.

"I received that award for service in Iraq," McKinney explained.

"He's been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq and then went to Germany," Priest said.

Chris recently received an award for his work he's done in another profession.

"I was very much humbled and honored by an award that I received from the Kentucky Bar Association," McKinney explained.

Chris is Kentucky's 2007 Outstanding Young Lawyer.

"He's well deserving of the award. There are a lot of fine young lawyers in our state and to be selected the outstanding among that group is really an honor to him and to our firm and he's well deserving of it," Priest said.

The award is based on your performance as an attorney and their participation in the community. It is a big accomplishment for both McKinney and the area.

"Any way that I can give back to the community, I feel is very important," McKinney said. "I'm extremely flattered. To me just the descriptive term hero is not anything that I feel like I've ever fallen into. I just try to do the best job I can anytime a specific mission has been given to me and I just try to perform it to the best of my abilities."

Through the military and FBI, McKinney helped with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Washington D.C. sniper shootings and the infamous Monica Lewinsky trials.

He was even the one who discovered the well-known blue dress in Lewinsky's apartment that played a big part in the trial.