Glasgow Man Found Guilty for Rape

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A Glasgow man accused of raping a pregnant woman was found guilty Saturday.

Christopher Adam Nuckols faces 20 years in prison after raping a woman who lived in his neighborhood back in September. At the time of the incident Nuckols was a minor, but he was tried in circuit court because of the nature of the incident.

When Nuckols entered the home of the victim, he grabbed her cell phone and accidentally called the victim's foster mother. Detectives say part of the incident was recorded onto the foster mother's voicemail.

Karen Davis, the prosecuting attorney in this case, told WBKO that many factors might have gone into the jury's decision.

"Not just the fact that she was pregnant, but if you listen to the portion of the tape that recorded the rape, you can clearly hear her say 'oh god, oh no, please don't hurt my baby' and he says I'll kill your baby."

Nuckols won't be eligible for parole until he has served at least 17 years in prison.