Local Woman Celebrates a Century

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July 22, 2007, marks the 100th birthday for one
great-great-grandmother in Warren County. Enid Ridgeway celebrated the big 100 at the Providence Knob Baptist Church in Rockfield, Ky.

It was a birthday party full of presents, but for Enid the best gift of all was seeing her family together in one place.

The photo albums are making the rounds and this family is looking back at 100-years of Enid Ridgeway's life.

"It's my great, great grandmother's birthday and she's turning 100 today," great-great-granddaughter, Hannah Cron said.

They've come all the way from Minnesota, Florida and Texas to celebrate the occasion. It's an event that's brought Enid's extended family together for the first time in years.

"She's got her children, her great-grandchilden and her great-great grandchildren around her, loving her," granddaughter Linda White said.

"It feels very happy that they all thought enough to come here," Ridgeway said.

Reaching her 100th birthday was Enid's lifetime goal, but now that she's made it, her family says she has even more to look forward to.

"If she can hold on four, five more years, we've got some great-grandchildren that are getting of age to have the sixth generation," White assured.

But today, Enid's just ready to make memories with her family and fill even more pages of her photo albums.

"She's just a very active, lovely lady to be 100," White added.

Enid said the secret to staying healthy and happy for 100-years is her selflessness. She said she's always done work for others and that's helped keep away the stress.

Enid's family adds that she's always stayed very conscious about her health.