New Year, New School

When Diana Hankla discovered Warren County's new elementary school was going to be built in Plano, she knew she had to work there.

"As a child I used to play in the old school building," said Hankla.

The two-room Plano School was on her family's property as Hankla was growing up.

"I used to go over and pretend that I was teaching at Plano School."
Now a new generation of students will call Plano School home.

"I'm excited because the kids that are coming through here right now are going to be our senators and our doctors, and our leaders of the future, just as they were coming from a small two room school," said Hankla.

"Just want to make it an environment where students are interested and are challenged and are comfortable in the classroom with the teacher," said Principal Melissa Stephanski.

As for Diana, she's ready to come full circle as her new home mixes with the old.

Plano's open house is Sunday, June 29, 2007. A dedication with alumni from the original Plano School will be from 2:00 until 3:00. The open house will follow at 3:30.