Back to School With Supplies

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Going back-to-school can be a very exciting, but expensive time of year for parents .

In fact, the National Retail Federation reports families with school-age children are expected to spend an average of $563 on back-to-school merchandise. That's up almost seven-percent from last year's average.

School Days Landslide, sponsored by WBKO, Christian Family Radio and U.S. Bank, is one of many efforts underway to put school supplies in the hands of needy families.

Jennifer Shoemake, Family Resource Coordinator at T.C. Cherry Elementary, sees it all too often.

"A lot of children probably wouldn't have a way to get it. Teachers might have to use their own money to purchase the items," Shoemake said.

Shoemake's job is to make sure children have the necessities, like pencils, paper and backpacks, that it takes to make it through the school year.

Back to school necessities Eurodger Barglor says he simply can't afford. Barglor has five children and he's unemployed.

"If they are able to come to our aide, we will highly appreciate it," Barglor said.

Barglor isn't alone, and struggling parents can contact the family resource coordinator at their child's school for assistance.

"We're very confidential about it. We don't use names, we're just making sure kids get the supplies," Shoemake said.

She said parents can either pick-up the donated items or school coordinators can discreetly hand them to the needy child.

"It's such a big help to have programs where people collect these back to school items," Shoemake added.

And of course, the more items donated, the more children like Barglor's family are helped.

"I will do a follow-up with the school to get supplies," Barglor said.

"We're grateful that there are programs like Landslide and Stuff the Bus, so it's a great help to collect products like that." Shoemake said.

If you'd like to donate back-to-school supplies, it's not too late.

WBKO, Christian Family Radio and U.S. Bank are collecting school supplies for the School Days Landslide through Aug. 6.

For more information on how you can help donate to the School Days Landslide, check out our website by clicking here.