Remembering Tammy Faye

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On Friday, it was announced that Tammy Faye Messner lost a 10- year struggle with lung cancer.

Better known as Tammy Faye Baker, the former televangelist and husband Jim Baker broadcast their message to over 13-million households on the Praise the Lord Club. The show ended after Jim was arrested for fraud, but through it all, Tammy Faye stayed strong.

As the nation remembers the highs and lows of Tammy Faye Messner's public life, one man in Glasgow is looking back on memories of a woman he knew personally. Now, he wants to share his admiration.

It's been over 30-years since D.B. Parker saw Tammy Faye, but she's a person he remembers fondly.

"I just connected with her. Her emotions; the way she expressed herself; her demeanor," Parker said.

Today, D.B. is the owner and operator of a bible bookstore in Glasgow, but in the 1970s, he worked a short stint as a counselor on Praise the Lord's Help Hotline. It was through this experience that D.B. came to admire Tammy Faye's unwavering faith.

"She had a certain urgency. If she put her mind to something, she wanted to succeed," Parker said.

This deep admiration is why D.B. has found Tammy Faye's recent passing such an emotional experience. Her fight with cancer is something he finds difficult to talk about.

"See these tears? When I talk about that, I have to shed tears. I had so much feeling toward her life and ministry," Parker said.

But D.B. says that he is celebrating the life of Tammy Faye. And no matter how many years pass since his time with P.T.L., he'll always value the time he spent there.

"Instead of remembering the town, I remember the building and the warm feeling I got when I went down there. It's just imprinted on my mind. It was a truly memorable experience," he said.

The death of Tammy Faye was announced July 20 on Larry King Live. It was only one day after her final interview on the show was aired. Tammy Faye Messner was 65-years-old.

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