Utility Crews Work Through Night To Restore Power

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Utility crews from all of the electric services in the South Central Kentucky Region worked through the night and well into Tuesday to restore power for thousands of customers left lightless after Monday's round of severe weather.

"Yesterday was a pretty bad one. Had a lot of calls; our manager came in and worked all night taking calls, quite a few more than usual," reports Corey Weaver, a Warren Rural Electric Cooperative repair worker.

Weaver and his crew worked to remove a piece of sheet metal that had been torn off a barn roof and blown onto a power line in Karren Sullivan's yard.

"We thought it was all over, and then the big wind came through and I put my son in the bathtub and had him sheltered, and I was kinda standing in the window, and then I started hearing the howling through the house," Sullivan said. "My porch swing was standing straight out and it was kind of amazing to me."

Utility crews who pulled 24-28 hour shifts say by the end of the day, they run only on adrenaline. "I think if you could ask any of us, there's kind of a rush to it. it sounds crazy, but I think we kind of enjoy it a little bit," Weaver says.