Businesses Get Defibrillators

Some area businesses are feeling a little more prepared for a medical emergency .

The Medical Center and Barren River District Health Dept. gave defibrillators to several businesses in Warren County the morning of July 25, 2007.

The Automated External Defibrillator's (AEDs) were donated so medical treatment can begin immediately before an ambulance arrives, if someone goes into cardiac arrest.

The places that received the AEDs are Sloan Convention Center, both Wal-Marts, the Warren County Justice Center and Beech Bend Park.

The owner of Beech Bend Park said there are several reasons why his business needs one.

"We have a high volume of people number one, and number two we're open during the hottest part of the season and some people tend to have heart-attacks and problems during that time," park owner Dallas Jones said.

Jones said though the park has never needed an AED in the past, it's always good to have one ready to be prepared.

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