Summer Snowballs

Snowballs, in July?

Take a trip to Mammoth Cave and you may think the cave's Gypsum Rocks look like snowballs stuck to the ceiling.

In fact, one area of the cave is known as "The Snowball Room."

The cave's Grand Avenue Tour always makes its way to this popular stop, but for a short while visitors can get there with a quicker trip.

"Mammoth Cave is a grand, gloomy, peculiar place. It's like a foreign world. You come down here and you have no idea what's happening on the surface," said Vickie Carson, a Mammoth Cave Tour Guide.

Carson's lantern has been lighting the pathways of Mammoth Cave for nearly thirty years. Today, she's joining a small group of visitors who are touring Mammoth Cave like never before.

"We're trying out a Snowball Tour, it's called. This is an experimental tour and we're seeing if people would like to take it," Carson explained.

The tour allows visitors to journey 270-ft below the surface of the earth and the round trip is only two miles.

"It's an opportunity for people to see the Snowball Room without a four-and-a-half hour cave trip," said Joe Duvall, also a cave guide.

"It's a little piece of the Grand Avenue Tour," Carson added.

And just in case all the walking works up an appetite, the tour offers up a vegetable soup and enough time to recharge before the trip back to the surface.

"A lot of people don't have the opportunity to eat underground," Duvall said.

The Snowball Tour isn't a permanent addition to Mammoth Cave, at least not yet, but Vickie feels optimistic about the tour continuing with her lantern leading the way.

"So far it looks good, we'll just have to take an evaluation and see how it all works together," Carson said.

Mammoth Cave is offering two more experimental tours to "The Snowball Room" this summer.

The next tour is Tuesday, July 31 and the final tour is Thursday, Aug. 9.

All tours depart at 10:15 a-m.

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